It is surreal to know that this legendary trip is finally here.

As the plane touched down onto the rainy tarmac at Dulles airport, there was a tangible sense of excitement and eager anticipation that spread throughout the entire group. Though the weather is gray, cold, and quite rainy, it seems at this point that nothing can lower our mood.

Now we are settled, fed and ready to work in our new space; the William Penn House. The conference room is filled with laptops, cameras, and busy minds. It’s been a long day of traveling and excitement, but no one can sleep. We are up, creating questions, researching, and putting together interview outlines.

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that tomorrow will be epic. I’ve been waiting months for the day to come to suit up, and go out there and take this opportunity for all that it’s worth. My plan is to stay in a mode full of focused intensity. I want to push myself to the fullest, but simultaneously stay focused. I want my peers and I to engourage the best from each other, and most of all I want to bond. I want to make sure that by the time this trip is over I will have countless memories to keep forever.

-Jasbir Nijor

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  1. Hey Jasbir, you look like a real D.C. lawyer in your shirt and tie! Go get em’. Hi Hannah!

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